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In the year of 1985, a leather art isan in United States, Andrew King, ran a loft-style family workshop in Brooklyn, New York, specializing in hand-made high-quality leather bags. Andrew King Named his brand “AOKING. With the extraordinary design and exquisite craftsmanship, the business was great.

Later, Andrew moved to Hongkong and also brought hisAOKINGbusiness there.  

In the year of 1996, HONGKONG AOKING GROUP officially acquired AOKING brand and started to Promote its business worldwide since then. Now AOKING brand is already registered in 102 countries.

“AOKING” has always been focusing on the deep research of the quality and the comfort for the bag & luggage. Adding more new ele ments into this traditional craft. “AOKING”products are not only complied to the humanized engineer strictly, choosing the advanced and high performance material, more over from the precision of the craft, user experience and art aesthetic, try to bring them the relax and comfortable experience. The products are deeply loved by the young people.